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Transforming Management Education

The growth of emerging markets such as India in the 21st century has altered the face of management education. Context is playing an increasingly important role in preparing future leaders for the unique opportunities and challenges that these markets offer. Thus far, the practical lessons from Indian management have received limited attention, both from researchers and educators.

ISB believes that students of today should be equipped with knowledge that is both rigorous and relevant to business, particularly in the India and Asia-centric emerging markets context, and it is committed to developing that knowledge.

Towards this, the Centre for Learning and Management Practice (CLMP) at ISB functions as a unique exchange platform that facilitates a symbiotic collaboration among the corporate sector, government organisations and academia.

The Centre is focussed on facilitating excellence in the classroom and is committed to helping grow the quality of management education in India.

The Centre also aims to promote linkages between industry thought leadership and research at the school to deliver the best of business insights from India and Asia.


The Centre attempts to achieve its aims by focussing on three core areas:

Balancing Theory with Practice Impacting the Efficacy of Learning Creating and Disseminating Knowledge

For research from the ISB to be relevant for industry, it needs to be closely aligned with real world challenges and industry priorities. The Centre for Learning and Management Practice plays a proactive role in ensuring that faculty research at ISB is driven by business needs and integrated to solve real issues in the marketplace through the following interventions:

Executive in Residence Programme
ISB offers to host senior corporate executives at the school for a short stay. During this visit, executives have an opportunity to experience the school's ecosystem and participate in several collaborative initiatives and events.

Corporate Immersion for Faculty
ISB faculty members spend short periods of time at select organisations, interact with various departments, and help senior management with key challenges and opportunities. Through such partnerships, these faculty members are able to define new research questions and work with industry-specific data.

Face Time with Faculty
The Centre provides CXOs of specific firms “face time” with faculty experts. Through these dedicated, customised sessions, organisations benefit from the insights offered by our faculty, and our faculty, in turn, are likely to generate ideas for new case studies and/ or research questions.

Guest Speakers for Classes
The Centre assists in bringing a corporate perspective into classes at ISB in the form of guest speakers. Senior executives, experts in their respective fields, bring lessons from the business world to the classroom.

ISB Research Fellows
Faculty from other universities are hosted at the school as “ISB Research Fellows,” and the Centre helps connect them with local industry and government. Through such collaborations, these experts stand to gain Indian and emerging markets insights, resulting in more globally relevant research.

The Centre seeks to augment the quality of academic programmes by offering resources and expertise in the areas of teaching, learning and business cases, as well as by developing innovative pedagogies and new forms of content for effective teaching and learning.

Faculty Development Instructional Initiatives
Through the Centre’s programmes, participants are exposed to state-of-the-art thinking in business education, imbibe global best practices, network, collaborate and share classroom experiences with each other.

The Master Teacher Programme
Faculty are trained in the art and science of effective teaching and classroom management through the use of powerful student-centred, active-learning approaches to teaching.

Doctoral Consortium on Teaching
ISB offers this programme free of charge to final year FPM/Ph.D./doctoral candidates who aspire to teach in business schools. It offers hands-on learning on the art of effective teaching and classroom management and enables participants get a head start in their academic careers.

Technological Innovation for Enhanced Learning
The Centre has collaborated with technology entrepreneurs to create powerful technology for interactive, student-centred learning in the classroom. This technology allows teachers to engage all students in a class simultaneously, enables the display of student responses in real time on the classroom screen, and provides a platform for active, interactive teaching and learning.

Assessment of Programme Learning Outcomes
The Centre assists in the establishment of learning outcomes for ISB programmes, helps assess the achievement of these outcomes, and provides feedback to programme directors.

Research on Learning
There is limited knowledge about the transfer of learning from short-term executive programmes to the workplace. Research at the Centre attempts to address this issue and helps provide insights for corporations that invest in corporate training programmes and business schools that provide such training.

The Centre has the expertise to develop and publish high-quality case studies that engage students in the classroom with real-world dilemmas. The Centre also helps develop and disseminate business insights that are of relevance to the community and span across research disciplines and industry sectors.

Case Studies
The Centre has built a substantial repository of India-specific cases that are field-based, with formal company releases and teaching notes. Through its partnerships with Harvard Business Publishing and Ivey Publishing, these cases are presently used in over 150 business schools spanning nearly 100 countries.

• 160+ India-specific business cases that are used in around 150 business schools over 90 countries including Harvard Business School, Yale University and London School of Economics and Political Science.
• The ISB-Ivey Global Case Competition, organised each year in partnership with Ivey Business School, receives entries from more than 150 business schools in India and worldwide.
• 400+ non-ISB faculty from B-Schools from all over India benefitted from feedback and mentoring offered during the competition.
• 135+ faculty authors from all over India assisted free of charge in publishing high-quality cases.
• Innovations include multimedia cases and technology-assisted case teaching using the LEAP Platform.

Collaborative Research Projects
The Centre will facilitate collaborative projects between industry and government agencies with ISB research centres and institutes and faculty to enable the development of rich insights into key topics such as Strategic Human Capital, Managing Across Borders, Value Migration and Financing Innovation. These co-funded projects will shed light on topics that are of particular interest in growth-oriented, dynamic yet volatile emerging markets.

Industry and Research Reports
The Centre has built capabilities to convert research papers and other academic output into shorter, “manager-friendly” articles. Working closely with other research centres and institutes at ISB, the Centre helps develop and disseminate various industry reports and white papers that are relevant for managers.

ISBInsight is the school's flagship research quarterly magazine. It offers a unique, forward-looking perspective on current management research and thinking. It features research-driven insights and evidence-based opinion for practitioners, with a focus on Indian and emerging markets.

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