Campus Vignette

Staying steady through the ripples: Reflection of a Student Village tower at the reservoir.

Photo by: Sriram Sabhapathy
from PGP, Class of 2013

How green is my campus?

Harita Vinnakota , Director of Operations & Sustainability Council (OSC) from the PGP Class of 2013 has spearheaded several environment-friendly initiatives at ISB. Vinnakota reflects on her role in OSC, her successes and her learning from it all...
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A Campus Comes of Age

The weekend of Oct 19-21 was action-packed at the Mohali campus as it hosted two well-attended events, Pinnacle and Equinox, with much élan. It would have been hard for anyone to guess that the campus has been operational for only six months. A landscaped yard, festive lighting and newly-constructed buildings greeted visitors as they entered the campus for the events...
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