Campus Vignette

One of over seventy kinds of birds found on campus, the petite Ashy Prinia is inquisitive, loud and can be seen flitting around the lawns surrounding the ISB.

Photo by: Raghoo Sinha

This is a great time of the year to be in India, and especially here in Hyderabad! First, Dushera, then Diwali – the campus rang in the festivals with our usual enthusiasm. Weather in Hyderabad is a well-kept secret. Except for the three months of summer, we enjoy mostly balmy, but sometimes unpredictable weather...Read more

Professor Shamika Ravi, Assistant Professor of Economics at the ISB, has been invited to serve as a member of UNICEF’s Advisory Group on "Strategies for Disparities Reduction." This initiative is part of the Social Policy programme at UNICEF, which works towards social inclusion, with emphasis on health, nutrition, schooling, water and sanitation. Read more