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Class notes
Class of 2008

Bhagyashri Dixit and Parag Dixit were blessed with a baby boy

Class of 2010

Rohit Narula and Neha Gupta Narula were blessed with a baby girl

Class of 2011

Parth Awasthi got married to Sonam Nawani

December saw hectic activity at both our campuses with numerous international conferences, speaker sessions, workshops and of course, our annual alumni homecoming Solstice!

As I check in on www.solsticebegins.in the clock shows just 20 days for Solstice. Our class has been labeled a studious bunch and for good reason, we certainly are.

When I’m asked about women in the workplace, gender equality and glass ceilings, I often find myself faced with a duality of external perceptions and my own. On the one hand, the world media, women’s groups, governments, etc. feel the need to carve out a space for women to be seen, heard or spoken of. That’s good to a certain degree as a common interest group but let’s not deepen the divide – anyone who needs that kind of help is probably underprivileged...

ISB alumni are making their mark in diverse businesses around the world. In this issue, four such remarkable alumni, Bharath Aiyer Shruti Sharma, Suparna Chopra , Ganesh Vudutha talk about their lives at the ISB, career path after graduation and vision for the School.

Welcome to the latest section of Alma Matters “Bookshelf” - a platform where people can share their comments, feelings and thoughts about various books they read. From business and economics to SCI-FI, thriller and comedy...

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