Thomas Schmidheiny Chair of Family Business and Wealth Management
Volume 1, Issue no.4, April 2010

Message from Professor K Ramachandran

Dear Friend:

The next issue of the Family Business News is here for you to read, and I hope you will find it useful. We have included four diverse pieces here as briefed below:

  • The role of the person in the family who keeps the family emotionally bonded is neither understood nor appreciated.
    For more on this, please go through the article of being a Chief Emotional Officer.

  • There are multiple routes to family governance, as discussed by Professor Ajay Bhalla.

  • There are several families that remain undivided over generations, but there are not many families with close to 100 people living together. Please read the Lahoti family story of Andhra Pradesh. Please share similar stories if you know of any.

Our next annual training programme on Family Business is coming up in October. Please see the details given below. For more information, please write to me.

Best wishes,

Professor K Ramachandran
Thomas Schmidheiny Chair Professor of
Family Business and Wealth Management

Intersting Articles
94 Not Out!
  - Anushree Kirtania

Perfecting Family Governance:
Different Routes, Single Obective

  - Professor Ajay Bhalla

Challenges of being a CEO!
  - Professor K Ramachandran

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Research capabilities of the Chair are getting beefed up. Two new researchers have joined the team, while Professor Ajay Bhalla will continue to be a Visiting Scholar more..
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