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  MARCH 2019 ISSUE 2

JARSH Innovations - “An entrepreneurial journey with compelling lessons for all”


An enriching developmental journey of a climate controlled headgear by a bunch of talented innovators who formed ‘Jarsh’ is taking on the 3000 crore helmet industry into a new dimension. The story unravels how relentlessly the team spent days refining the prototype both aesthetically and functionally based on the customer feedback.




Startup challenges and opportunities
Ashish Mittal analyses the salient challenges and opportunities impacting the Indian startup landscape. The Indian entrepreneur grapples with a culture that does not celebrate failure as a stepping stone to success, a difficult government policy regime with myriad regulations and the onerous task of raising capital. A large skill gap within the Indian youth makes hiring suitable candidates arduous and the need for an unbiased and professional mentor becomes paramount for success. On the brighter side, the author touches upon the power of our vibrant knowledge economy aided by digital penetration driving consumption and demand.

Farming and working part time

Farmizen is an astonishing story of a techie turned farmer who uses an app to grow organic produce on rented partner farms. Inspired by the virtual farming game Farmville, the concept allows a user to farm his own produce using natural techniques with real time updates. Apart from being a natural stress buster on weekends, it ensures guaranteed "organic" products for part time farmers. It also creates livelihood for partner farms with assured revenues. A green thumbs up to Farmizen!

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Quarterly Highlights - SPOC Orientation

SPOCs play a pivotal role in the successful implementation of the TEP program. Their role as “eyes” and “ears” is crucial in bridging the gap between ISB and various participating institutions. Several engagement mechanisms were planned to empower and motivate SPOCs in an attempt to elevate them from being mere ‘facilitators’ to key ‘influencers’.


Kudos to the TEP 2017-19 batch students across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states for demonstrating an exceptional performance from Term 1 through Term 3!


An exemplary demonstration of leadership and accountability by these top SPOCS ensuring a higher number of enrolments of TEP 2019-20 and publishing the TEP TALK on their college website in no time!


Problem Statement: “How might we help the cocoa cultivating farmers to reduce their burden while separating the seeds from Cocoa Pods?"

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