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Professor Chandan Chowdhury, Executive Director, PLIIM

Our Vision & Mission

Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management (PLIIM) is established within the Indian School of Business as a specialist Institute, with MIT Sloan School of Management as its associate partner. The vision and mission of the institute are:


To create high-quality leadership and management capacity for the infrastructure sector and understand the industry’s sustainability by delivering quality education, contextual research, and continuous outreach.

  • Create top-quality educational and training programmes
  • Facilitate learning through online programmes
  • Undertake research that is contextual to India and other developing countries
  • Develop tools and decision support systems to support the infrastructure practice
  • Undertake continuous outreach to support the sector
  • Serve as a "Go to" place for the infrastructure sector in India and abroad.

The Punj Lloyd Institute undertakes various initiatives to guide the infrastructure sector towards efficient and sustainable development through research initiatives, knowledge-sharing events, and training public officials and industry professionals. To meet its vision, the institute works closely with corporates in three verticals, Education, Outreach, and Research. A brief on various activities of the institutes is given below.


Joint ISB-CII Study on Infrastructure Sector

The institute is working on a research project of national significance where we are attempting to understand why infrastructure companies face challenges in sustainable growth. Mr. Atul Punj, Chairman, PLIIM is championing the study by enabling collaboration between ISB and CII. A joint CII-ISB report will impact policymaking for improving the “ease of doing business” in the infrastructure sector.


Advanced Management Programme for Infrastructure (AMPI)
AMPI Co2022

The second and third residencies of Co’22 were held from the 23rd of July to the 31st of July 2022 and from the 30th of September 22 to the 9th of October 2022, respectively, at the Mohali Campus. The Class of 2022 is working on Action Learning Projects (ALP); a brief overview of the ALPs is given below.

City-Level Climate Action Plan for Hubli Dharwad

The scope of the project is to devise a climate action plan for the city of Hubballi, Karnataka and develop a project canvas through discussions with key stakeholders that would facilitate an improved ranking of the city in the annual Climate Smart Cities Assessment Ranking by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Government of India. By the end of the project, the ALP team would have developed a City Level Plan with a list of potential projects the city may take up.

Team Members of ALP are

  • Naim Keruwala
  • Srivani Nerella
  • Thiyagarajan N
  • Anusha Suryanarayanan
  • Anurag Gulati
  • Minu J
  • Priya Bendarkar
Integrated Infrastructure Approach for Accelerating Medical Tourism Growth in Hyderabad

The objective of the ALP Team is to study the drivers to enable the creation of an infrastructure eco-system to establish Medical Tourism as an industry in Hyderabad. The team has identified a greenfield site at Bongaluru, a 23-minute drive from the Hyderabad airport. They are doing a feasibility study to develop Bongaluru as a development growth node.

Team members:

  • Harish Pasupuleti
  • Tanuj Thammanna
  • Ravi Uma Gayatri
  • Eshwar Keesara
  • Karthik Ramamoorthy
  • Saurabh Bhankhor
  • Dishant Jain
Battery Swapping Infrastructure Framework for Commercial EVs

The objective of the ALP team is to develop a framework for battery-swapping infrastructure for commercial vehicles on national highways. They will study the battery interoperability standards for commercial vehicles. The team has identified the Delhi-Jaipur highway stretch as a pilot for setting up the battery-swapping infrastructure.

The team members of ALP are:

  • Keerti Bongu
  • Shashanka Nanda
  • Poonamdeep Minhas
  • Vipul Ovhal
  • Bilal Abdul Sathar
  • Nakul Dahiya
  • Santhana Krishnan Raghuram
AMPI Alumni Achievement Video

Anil Dixit is an alumnus of the AMPI Class of 2016. He is a senior management professional with a strong background in civil engineering and in-depth knowledge of financial modelling, financial projection, and execution of large-scale highway projects in India. He candidly speaks about his learning and experience as an alumnus of the Advanced Management Programme for Infrastructure.

Global Management Programme for Infrastructure (GMPI)

The "Global Management Programme for Infrastructure" is an entirely online programme specially designed for working professionals to help them develop leadership skills and contribute to the growth of the infrastructure and real estate sector.

The programme, in partnership with Coursera, is the first of its kind. It’s entirely online, nondisruptive and highly comprehensive, with 18 credits. It has the right balance of theory and practice and is ideally suited to meet the aspirations of the growing professional community in the sector.

The link to the programme is available at

Dr Chandan Chowdhury, Dr Pratap Sundar, and Col. Rajiv Bhargava had an interaction session with potential candidates on 23rd August 2022, along with the Coursera team.


Synopsis of the Masterclass on “Spirituality and Management” (Virtual)

Dr Pratap Sundar took a masterclass on “Spirituality and Management” on the 30th of July 22 for the Faculty of Manipal Centre for Business Practice (MCBP). About 20 faculty members attended (online)

This session for the faculty members focused on the following:

  • How to make students understand the following issues by drawing on the wisdom of spirituality.
  • Respect for nature (Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals)
  • Circular economy models (Cradle-to-cradle system design)
  • Empathy-based leadership
  • Empathy-based design (product and service design)
  • How “Less Ego, More Success” works to make us happier.
Masterclass on “Do You Want to Innovate? Look at Nature! “for the Faculty and Students of SVUCE, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Pratap Sundar took a masterclass on “Do You Want to Innovate? Look at Nature!” on the 16th of August 2022. Industries across the world have played a short-term wrong game for more than 250 years resulting in two major problems: Climate change and loss of biodiversity. This led to an existential struggle to save our planet and those who inhabit it. Nature’s R&D ran for 3.5 billion years successfully without any negative effects on the biosphere. She has built the material and energy flows that are closed-loop and sustainable. Innovation by learning from nature is the key to creating products and processes to solve our greatest design challenges with the goals of cradle-to-cradle designs and net zero. Nature offers a compelling blueprint for the circular economy. It is time to imitate nature’s models for innovation before time runs out.

Webinar Session on How to Transform into a Leader in the Infrastructure and Real Estate Industry

We had a webinar session on (How to transform into a leader in the Infrastructure and Real Estate Industry) on 8th September 2022. We had our alumnus as a speaker, Madhava Sripada- Head of Business Development (Bentel Associates) and Minal Srinivasan - Director (Kesari Infra Build Pvt Ltd. In the session, they spoke about their learning and experience.

Mr. Atul Punj’s Visit: Mr Atul Punj, Chairman and Managing Director Punj Lloyd visited the Indian School of Business and Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management on the 2nd of September 2022.

Mr Atul Punj, during his visit to PLIIM

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