Carmen Rider Vázquez
Class of 2010
Solar Project Manager

Previous Occupation: Project Engineer
Present Occupation: Solar Project Manager
Sector: Renewable energy
Work Experience: Four years
Interests – Professional/Personal: Traveling, sports, theatre

Tell us about yourself – your profile, recap your professional life after ISB including your career progression
After ISB, I joined Eon as a solar project manager. Eon is one of the largest energy groups in Europe. In 2010 they had just entered the French photovoltaic market and were looking for people to achieve their goals. And they found me!

It has been very exciting to see the startup of the business and to contribute to consolidate the structure. The photovoltaic industry can be very challenging because of the continuous changes coming from the regulation, the cost evolution and from new competitors. You have to be ready for everything if you want to survive. I find that exciting.

Describe your fondest memory at ISB
My fondest memories at ISB are the moments I spent with my friends there. I enjoyed my time discussing with people about life, work, business and philosophy. For one year I was with smart people from whom I could learn.

With the knowledge and experience gained at ISB, when looking back, tell us something that you would have done differently while you were a student here?
I would have networked more with European companies doing business in India or interested in entering the Indian market

How do you think ISB has contributed to your career growth?
ISB has helped me to see business from other perspectives. The interactions with my peers, professors and visitors have enabled me think differently. Also, as a foreigner, I have known the Indian way of doing business and have felt the enthusiasm of living in an emerging market.

If you have to sum up ISB in one word
: Experience

What are the areas that you can contribute in to ISB?
I would like to help to strengthen the ISB brand outside India, especially in Europe. I think there is a lot to be done and I would love to be part of that.