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Class notes
Class of 2005

Anuj kapadia and Mansi Sanghvi (’05) were blessed with a baby boy, Adit Kapadia on May 2, 2011

Class of 2006

Vikram Ramam got married to Madhupriya on June 26, 2011

Class of 2008

Urvashi Nandu Bharwani is getting married to Gautham Thadani on July 11, 2011


Back again with another edition of alma matters. Campus has been buzzing with activity, and elections to the GSB as well as all the clubs were held recently.



Reliving the good times
When I crossed the railway tracks that separate the campus of IIT Kharagpur from the outside world, I felt a sudden urge to look back for the final time.

We’ve been ruined, for life!!
Yes Folks, we have! Hello and welcome to another not so exciting article from me. This time we shall talk about more things that you might care about, without actually asking any of you what it is that you care about.

ISB alumni are making their mark in diverse businesses around the world. In this issue, four such remarkable alumni, Gagandeep Grover, Sameer Bora, Krishna Bhaskar and Ashwin Uppal talk about their lives at the ISB, career path after graduation and vision for the School.
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