Effect of Derivative Gains/ Losses on CEO Compensation
Hariom Manchiraju, Assistant Professor at ISB, and his co-authors find that while gains are rewarded, losses are ignored when determining CEO compensation.    Read more
Position in Sequence Matters: How Previous Hedonic Experiences May Bias Current Evaluations
Tanuka Ghoshal, Assistant Professor at ISB, and her co-authors use experimental as well as real-world data to posit that there is a benefit to setting a very high-quality first experience. Read more
Organisation of Technology and the Impact of Technology Interventions on Business and Society
Deepa Mani, Associate Professor at ISB
Nation Equity and Country of Origin Effects
Durairaj Maheswaran, Visiting Professor at ISB
Aahan (A): Diagnosing Tuberculosis in Rural India
Sarang Deo and Milind Sohoni, Associate Professors at ISB, through this case, allow students to evaluate candidate interventions aimed at improving the existing system of healthcare delivery for a community based tuberculosis (TB) control program planned for rural India. Read more

Kicking Back on Kickbacks: An Experiment in Asymmetric Liability
Can a radical proposal to tackle harassment bribery work in practice? Tarun Jain, Assistant Professor at ISB, and his colleagues conducted an experiment to study the potential impact of implementing an asymmetric liability policy for bribe givers and takers. Read more

The CSR Law: Enabling “Extraordinary” Business
In this paper, Sanjay Kallapur, Professor at ISB, and his co-author, argue it is possible to treat CSR strategically while also complying with the new CSR provisions in the Indian Companies Act 2013. Read more