Thomas Schmidheiny Chair of Family Business and Wealth Management
Volume 2, Issue no.2, November 2009

Message from Professor K Ramachandran

Dear Friend:

The central theme of this issue of our newsletter is Philanthropy. Traditionally, Indian philosophy, and for that matter, all religions have advised all of us to ‘help our neighbour in need’. Business families with a basic sense of trusteeship orientation are known to do philanthropic activities in different ways. We are reproducing here two articles recently published in the ‘ISB Insight’ on family philanthropy. You will notice that there are multiple ways in which you can make meaningful contribution to the society through philanthropy.

There is a very interesting new book on entrepreneurship (Getting to Plan B - Breaking through to a better business model), with full of practical insight for those who are setting up and growing their ventures.

There are a few institutions in India that offer long duration programmes with special focus on family business. Please see information on them. We have also listed the names of a few dedicated centres for family business studies in universities aboard.

Hope you will find the contents of this issue interesting.

Best wishes,

Professor K Ramachandran
Thomas Schmidheiny Chair Professor of
Family Business and Wealth Management

Articles on Family Philanthropy
Family and Corporate Philanthropy: Emerging Trends in India
K Ramachandran and Rachna Jha
ISB Insight, autumn 09

Family Philanthropy Management – A European Perspective
Ann Veruschka Jurisch
ISB Insight, autumn 09
Research work under progress
Professionalisation is a big challenge for family business, while the topic itself is not understood clearly. There is lack of awareness about the processes involved in institutionalising Professionalisation. The team at the ISB is studying various challenges and approaches to professionalization of family business.


Volume 1, Issue no. 1, September 2009

Book Appreciation
GETTING TO PLAN B - Breaking through to a Better Business Model
John Mullins, Randy Komisar, Harvard Business Press, 2009

New member in our team
We welcome Professor Ajay Bhalla, Associate Professor, Faculty of Management, Cass Business School, City University, London as a Visiting Scholar to our team. He is working with Professor Ramachandran on a study of new venture creation process in family businesses. They are studying the influence of family membership in resource allocation at the business level.
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