I am delighted to share with you the next issue of our Newsletter with "Sustainability Practices in Family Business" as the theme. The topic resonates with current realities. Fast depletion of natural resources and environmental concerns are forcing businesses across the globe to turn into environmentally responsible entities. These articles suggest how family businesses can take lead and benefit by pro-actively adopting sustainability practices. Hope you will find them interesting.Also, please find Research Precis of two Family Business Review articles relevant to the theme. Please visit our blog which has summaries of recent news on family business and post your comments.

We will be organizing the Sixth Asian Invitational Conference on Family Business at the ISB during February 3 – 5, 2017 with “Competitiveness in Family Business” as the main theme. As always, we have the Academic Conference on February 3 and Business Conference on February 4 & 5. Details will be updated at www.isb.edu/sixthfbconference shortly. Please block your calendars for the said dates.

As always, I encourage you to send your feedback and interesting articles which we can consider for inclusion in our forthcoming newsletters.

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Pinarello in Talks to Sell Majority Stake

Italian Family Business Selling Stake for Overseas Expansion

Article Summaries

Family Firms and Practices of Sustainability: A Contingency View

The Long-term Benefits of Organizational Resilience Through Sustainable Business Practices

Necessity as the Mother of ‘Green’ Inventions: Institutional Pressures and Environmental Innovations

Drivers of Proactive Environmental Strategy in Family Firms
Research Applied précis

Sustainable Certification for future Generations: The Case of Family Business

How Family, Business and Community Logics Influence Family Firm Behavior and Rules of the Game in an Organizational Field

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