I am delighted to share with you the latest issue of our Newsletter. The theme for this issue is "Familiness" - a unique set of resources and capabilities that a family firm builds on account of the owner family's involvement in business. Effective employment of this unique endowment can provide a distinct and unparalleled competitive advantage to family firms.

Hope you will find these summaries interesting. The issue also includes Research Precis of two Family Business Review articles relevant to the theme. Please visit our blog for summaries of recent news on family business.

The Thomas Schmidheiny Centre in collaboration with the Centre for Executive Education is offering two training programmes during May 2018:
• 'Advising the Family Enterprise : Facilitating Sustainable Growth and Success' (May 08 – 09, 2018) - This is a capability building programme for family business advisers.
• 'Making Directors Effective in Family Business' (May 17- 18, 2018) - This programme aims to equip the directors in family businesses with emergent best practices in corporate governance.

I would also like to share with you information on ISBInsight. It is the flagship research publication of the ISB that highlights cutting-edge research and its implications for management practice.
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As always, I encourage you to send your feedback and interesting articles which we can consider for inclusion in our forthcoming newsletters.

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Future-Proofing A Family Business: The Art of Drafting Family Constitutions

Planning for Family Business Longevity in Three Steps

Article Summaries

Capturing the familiness of family businesses: Development of the family influence familiness scale (FIFS)

Re-framing the Status of Narrative in Family Business Research: Towards an Understanding of Families in Business

The Absorptive Capacity of Family Firms: How Familiness Affects Potential and Realized Absorptive Capacity

The Arts and Family Business: Linking Family Business Resources and Performance to Industry Characteristics
Research Applied précis

Family Social Capital, Trust within the TMT, and the Establishment of Corporate Goals Related to Nonfamily Stakeholders

Environmental Jolts: Understanding How Family Firms Respond and Why

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