I am delighted to share with you the latest issue of our newsletter, 'Family Business Briefs.' This issue contains some riveting facts and information about family businesses that you may find interesting. The briefs have been organized into the following sections:

• Summaries of research articles on Family Social Capital and Competitive Advantage of Family Firms
• Summary of a published family business case on Achal Industries
• Inspirations from the life of TVS Iyengar
• Interesting insights on W. J. Towell & Co. LLC
• Infographic on Family Owners’ Shareholding in Indian Family Firms

We hope that you will find these insightful and stimulating.

I encourage you to send your feedback and share suggestions about something interesting and relevant, which you may want us to include in future.

Best regards

Kavil Ramachandran, PhD
Professor & Executive Director
Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family Enterprise
Indian School of Business

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